Style Guide



You don't need to enter paragraph tags. Just insert 2 line breaks to create a paragraph.


  • The highest heading level you should use is <h3>. This should be the type of heading used in the body of your blog entry. You can use H3, H4, and H5.
  • H1 is reserved for the site title
  • H2 is reserved page title, e.g. the blog entry uses H2


Embedding Media via WordPress

<img src="" alt="INSERT ALTERNATE TEXT" />

  • Make images no more than 700px.
  • If the image is more than 700px, remove the height="" attribute and set width attribute to width="700".
  • If you want to center you can add class="center" attribute.

Using Blog Styles

<img class="full" src="" alt="INSERT ALTERNATE TEXT" />

  • You don't have to set a width or height.
  • Optionally img.full class used in the blog sets a max width of 703px + 5px padding on all sides and 1px border. Total width of image max is 715px.

Opening Images in Lightbox

<a href="INSERT IMAGE URL" class="fb"><img class="full" src="" alt="INSERT ALTERNATE TEXT" /></a>

  • To open an image in a lightbox we use the fancybox jQuery library
  • Just link to your image, and add a class="fb" attribute to your link and it will open the link in the lightbox.


<p class="caption">This is a caption</p>

  • The code above is provide for inserting a caption below an image.
  • Caption text is gray amd italicized.