Gary Vaynerchuk on Passion

Be humble, work HARD, hussle, be patient and passionate about what you do. Be so good they can't ignore you, actually genuinely CARE about your customers, be transparent, take the long view...A-men!

I want a "GaryVee speaks For Me" t-shirt :)

(via Todd Warfel)

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    1. and me too :)
      Let’s cross the fingers bro’


    2. Excellent and very inspiring, GaryVee is the man! Thanks for “linking that up” Peldi. I haven’t come to your blog in a while (I stay tuned through RSS though), but everytime I do there’s something new and refreshing, keep it up!

    3. I was hoping someone would ask him what wine went best with fish – lost opportunity there

    4. @JGarrido: I would have asked too :)

      nice video by the way

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